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EJSSM Forum Guidelines

The EJSSM Board and Editors voted to develop a discussion forum after their March 2009 meeting in Denver. This forum is designed to allow open, scientific discussion related to the journal's published “papers.” The Forum threads are keyed to specific “papers” and open to anyone with a valid EJSSM login.

The Forum is only for frank, open, and professionally civil discourse on the ideas, hypotheses, and findings presented within EJSSM “papers.” Critical comments and challenges (and responses) are a valid and important part of scientific discourse and should be supported by scientific reasoning and logic, including citations when possible.

The Forum moderators have the right to delete, edit, split, join, rename, or lock any thread at their discretion. The EJSSM Board may occasionally modify Forum policies.

Other information:
  • Registered members only may post to forum. No handles, please. Use your first and last name as your display name.
  • Your signature (.sig) lines must be brief -- name of the person posting, and (optionally) professional or research affiliation and contact information.
  • If you are replying to another person's post, it is acceptable to include a small portion (4 to 5 lines) of that person's original message in your post. The standard way of doing this is to surround the quoted post using the BB quote tags, so that people reading your post will know that the following words are being copied from another post.
  • You may embed or link to relevant figures and images. The way to do this is to place the image on a Web server, and surround the image URL with the "Img" tags. The maximum allowable width of images is 800 pixels.
  • Do not reproduce the posts of others anywhere outside the EJSSM discussion board without direct written permission from the appropriate author(s).

Member registrations will become active once an admin approves the registration.

Thank you for your interest and participation!

The Board and Editors of EJSSM